Author Kerry ZukusWriters have agents. And publishers. If you need to reach me in a professional capacity, here are mine.


Paula Batson
Senior VP of Communications
BMG Columbia House/Bookspan/Madison Park Press
One Penn Plaza
250 West 34th St., 5th floor
New York, NY 10119
212 930-4531

Film Agent:
Joel Gotler
Joel Gotler
Intellectual Property Group
Suite 520
9200 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90069-3605


Check out the hidden surprises throughout this website. There are links everywhere, leading to some marvelous (and often funny) places.

There are a million fantastic websites for writers. I have found that two are invaluable:

Predators and Editors
Predators and Editors is a clearing house for “who’s a crook and who isn’t.” Call it Consumer Reports for writers. If you ever want to check anyone out, whether it’s an agent, a publishing house, an editing service, or whatever, this place is one-stop shopping.

Everyone Who's Anyone
Everyone Who’s Anyone, run by the incomparable Gerard Jones, is the Wikipedia of the literary world. It lists every agent, publisher, production company, and zookeeper on the known earth. Its information is constantly updated not only by its webmaster, but by normal schlubs who are in the know. One warning: please do not hold me responsible for Gerard’s personal rants. They’re quite colorful at times.

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Cousin Sites:  Cousin Couples  ::  Cousin Marriage Resources  ::  Cousins in Love.Com

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Musician Dave Miller  ::  Lyricist Michael Colby  ::  Singer Joan Crowe
Entertainment Attorney Richard Dieguez  ::  Photographer Paul Pelak
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