I have no idea how you got here; I have no idea what you are doing here. Perhaps you are lost. Nonetheless, welcome. Mi website; su website. Stay a while.

Sites like this celebrate the ego, in this case, mine. Quite embarrassing, to be honest. The reasons for its existence (beyond the ego): My first novel, “The Fourth House” is now available. For those interested in knowing more about it, check out the plethora of content and then, by all means, BUY IT! I’ll even show you how.

The second reason is to introduce you to other projects I have in the works. It is not often that one gets to see works in progress – in fact, I am usually very territorial when it comes to letting even my closest friends and family look at anything of mine before it’s finished. But for YOU, my dear friend…enjoy.

The third reason (lucky I learned to count) is to give advice to perspiring aspiring writers and others by answering questions and generally pontificating on various issues of the day (what is it with airline food? And why do you drive on a highway, but get high on a driveway…no, wait; I messed that one up).

Remember where you have been so you can come back often. I promise to keep this place updated, as well as cleaned and well-groomed.

Sincerely Yours,
Kerry Zukus
New Jersey, USA